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party in the park

Those are photos from my own personal first day of summer 2006, because it was my favourite day this year. Friday before last, Riversely Park. It was such a good day in fact that we got shouted at by a lady in Sainsbury's for buying excessive amounts of alcohol.

Last week was my art exam and although i was pleased with my painting i was mildly annoyed that Sean English's million feet squared of finger painting was better. It made mine look bland, and lifeless and now i don't like it quite so much. This week i need to edit the film with Abbi, who's worried because John's expecting something amazing, like her coursework piece when really it's just us, messing around in Tara B's garden, me getting frustrated with everyone as well as probably several shots of my arse as i crawl around on my hands and knees trying to get some decent photographs amidst the madness. The shoot went ok though, even though Joe smiled all the way through when i didn't want him to.


kat and joe


joe adele and jamie

joe and adele

kat and jamie

joe and adele again

joe and vicky


adele and vicky

According to the Big Issue, Micheal Flatley is a "celtic love tiger". Just thought i'd share that.
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